Uptown Pet Bistro and Boutique promises to be different from other pet stores.
Every food, treat, supplement and other products I carry are fully researched. Nothing in this store is mass marketed, has been recalled, or you will find in the big box pet stores. You will be given samples of foods for your pup or kitty to try before purchasing a bag.  There is no charge for samples. You will find that Uptown Pet Bistro and Boutique believes in Customer Service. First time buyers get 10% off (cannot be used with any other discounts).  Once a month I send out an email to my customers when Customer Appreciation Day will be. On that day, a 10% discount is given (cannot be used with any other discounts).

At Uptown Pet Bistro and Boutique we cater to all size breeds, finicky Pups, and curious Kitties.  I am always searching for new and unique items.  Since I love to dress up my three Yorkies, you will find plenty of clothes, necklaces, barrettes, and accessories in my store.  I consider Uptown Pet Bistro and Boutique to have everything from the necessary to the extravagant.

I have learned so much from my customers. They have definitely helped in my decisions as to what items I should bring into my store.  Some of the products I stock are from local vendors, and I try to buy from small companies.  Keeping businesses in the Washington Metro area helps our local economy. Supporting small businesses has always meant so much to me.

Come and visit Uptown Pet Bistro and Boutique and bring your pup! Mykee, Nykee, Gabi, and I (Syndee) would love to meet you!

From NOVA DOGS - "Upscale, Uptown and Loving It!"
It all started when I bought a $24 barrette for my female Yorkie, Gabi. The barrette broke on the first day, so I went out and bought a glue gun to fix it,” says Syndee Cooper, owner of the upscale Uptown Pet Bistro and Boutique. What began as a practical fix has turned into the realization of a life-long dream —running a stylish (a la Paris, Rome, London) shop of wonderful clothes and accessories for pets. Of course when Syndee, as a little girl, dreamed of running her own couture boutique....  READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

IN THE SPOTLIGHT - Meet Syndee Cooper: She left he dog-eat-dog world for real dogs (and cats).